In Spring

On those lazy, hazy summer days, when I danced on his feet to old vinyl records, I could conquer the world.

I could climb to the rooftops and walk on glass ceilings.

I fearlessly battled the under- bed monsters and painted my future with bright emulsions.

We planted new life and lay under cars and built life changing inventions from off-cuts of wood. We rescued lame birds and soft prickled hedgehogs and sat for hours in a small glass house filled with nature and dreams.

In the autumn, as his hand grew smaller in mine, he let me walk unaided. He let me fall, confident that he’d taught me the skills to right myself. He honoured my choices and gave me to another in good faith.

As the nights grew longer, he became the child and I the adult, and when winter came he said goodbye.

My heart became choked with the tendrils of frost that formed there. I crossed days off the calendar but the cold remained until I was frozen. Trapped in a glacier of absence.

But suddenly there was you. You offered your hand and you held me close. You brought me a warmth that I’d forgotten existed.
And I began to thaw.


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