Wake Up and Fight

Wake up and

fight the all consuming

greyness that seeped in through

your pores when your mind was

elsewhere and sucked

the vividness of

colour from

your life.


Wake up and fight

the leaden tendrils

that have snared

your nerves and deadened

your heart leaving

viable emotion

a dull and tepid



Wake up

and fight before the joy

of your own

existence slips like droplets

of mercury between your

fingers and


is all that is left.


This is not you.


You are the prism that splits the light and makes the world gasp at your joyous brilliance.

This is you.


You are the perfect cadence that brings the orchestra to its knees and the crowd to its feet.

This is you.


You are the liquid fragrance that drips from soft ripe fruit and from my aching lips.

This is you.


You are the smooth of satin and the warmth of August mornings.

This is you.


You can be you



But you must wake up

and fight.


16 thoughts on “Wake Up and Fight

  1. Pawan Hira says:

    It speaks for a change, and I love the rhythm it creates in my little mind. You inspire to rethink our life. A beautiful journey through your words.Blessings and love.

    1. Susan Moffat says:

      Thank you and I’m pleased you got something from it πŸ™‚ it seems to be touching a lot of people today which is very humbling! I’m quite taken aback by all the positivity! Thanks to everyone for such great comments!

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