The Difference

He should have known better. Should have realised that they would never accept him.

They were hypocrites. All of them. Bragging and laughing about the girls they had degraded. Swapping stories of lustful release at the expense of someone’s daughter, someone’s sister.

How was what he had done so different?

She had wanted it. Her cherry mouth so full and pouting, flashing her butt cheeks and perfect brown legs in those minuscule denim shorts and high top Converse. She had wanted it. Twirling her web fine hair in the sunshine and licking her small gappy teeth. She had wanted it. And he had delivered.

So how was that different to them, with their Facebook ratings and round robin groping?

He hadn’t anticipated the look on their faces. The slack jaws. The wide eyes. The disgust.

He hadn’t anticipated the beating gave him. The punching. Kicking. Stamping on his balls.

And even now, as he waited sentencing, he still couldn’t grasp the difference.

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8 thoughts on “The Difference

  1. Mike says:

    A powerful story.
    It highlights that delicate ground young people tread between what is acceptable and what is not. For some it is a confusing landscape.

    1. Susan Moffat says:

      It is a difficut ground…I have a teenage son and pre-teen daughter and a little part of me fears for both of them.As a parent I think it’s important to impress on our kids the importance of not ‘crossing the line’. It was an interesting piece to write though…even though it still leaves me feeling uneasy!

  2. circlesunderstreetlights says:

    Chilling read, and one that touches on a hugely important topic. I wonder if you’ve been following the discussion about the Reddit thread on which rapists are discussing their motivations/feelings. While it’s a triggering read, it’s certainly providing some insights – ones that will hopefully enable us to tackle the real causes of rape and prevent at least some assaults from happening in future.

    A good summary can be found on Stavvers’ blog here, if you’re interested 🙂 [Trigger warning]

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