No Bitterness

it’s hard to let your children go

to let them venture alone

into a world of violence

and when that world overpowers that child

when their day and night is broken

when their bloody torso, lit

by gentle candle light

is discovered


ear to ear

you wonder which lesson

you didn’t teach them

you look for blame in others

to remove it from yourself

you look to those who knew

who were closest

who were there

so when a friend who laughed with

who lived with and sang with

that child

your child

appears to halt, to glance, to love

not sickened, not grieving

then fingers will be pointed

tales will be told

Because blame must be taken.

but no footsteps in blood

no time behind doors

no learning to survive

will remove the guilt

your guilt

and no basking in futile blame

no immersion in gratuitous regret

no publicised acts of grief

will redress your

personal transgression, of permitting

that child

your child

to be


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